About Behind the Mitten

“Behind the Mitten” is a radio show and podcast hosted by John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman. This award-winning team will take you along on their many adventures around the state, from the tip to top, in an hour-long format.  They’ll be uncovering local gems, revisiting old favorites, finding festivals, attending events, and introducing you to people who make it all happen. Each week, you’ll get to hear about a new spot, and what you can see, do, eat and drink in the area. Gonzo and Amy are experts on all things Michigan, and can’t wait to share what they find with you.

Press Release

Jan. 9, 2022

Behind the Mitten, co-hosted by Amy Sherman and John Gonzalez, recently made a return to the Michigan airwaves.

“We are thrilled to be back on the air,” said Sherman. The show took a brief hiatus but rejoined the airwaves both on traditional radio and as a podcast on January 9, 2022. “Behind the Mitten was always about telling those special local stories, uncovering hidden gems, and taking our listeners on incredible Michigan adventures. We are back on the road, and on your radio, taking you to every corner of our state.”

Behind the Mitten aired for over 400 episodes from 2015 to 2019. The duo was awarded “Special Show Broadcast Personality or Team” by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. 

The show is focused on Michigan travel, food and beverage, and events happening around the state. It consists of four separate segments, in an hour-long format. Highlighting the people and places around the state that make this a unique place to live, Behind the Mitten is Michigan’s premier travel show. 

The new version of Behind the Mitten is better than ever, with a few additions and changes. BTM has brought on radio legend Phil Tower as executive producer. He’s adding not just his expertise, but also his own love for Michigan to the show, with some creative segments that will be introduced over the next few months. Also on the team is producer William “Broadway” Bertschinger, who will be in charge of weekly production. Behind the Mitten is working with I Heart Media, as well as the West Michigan Tourism Association on distribution and partnerships.

Also new to the show is a one-minute weekly segment called “Above the Bridge”, which is hosted by local U.P. resident and business owner, Jay Clancey. He’ll provide updates from the beloved Upper Peninsula. Another segment, “Taste of the Week” expands the focus to include all Michigan-made beverages and specialty foods. 

“Whether you’re looking for hidden gems or new ways to experience popular destinations, we’re here for you,” said Gonzalez.

Inquiries about booking an episode of Behind the Mitten can be directed to West Michigan Tourism Association. 

“Traveling is good for the soul, and we could all use a boost right now,” said Sherman. “Behind the Mitten is ready to spark your interest, introduce you to something new, or remind you of an old favorite. Join us as we learn about events you’ll only find here, things to do for every season, and of course, the very best food and drink. We love Michigan, and we know you do too.”

Let’s build something together.